The She Moon Song – True Love


A beautiful and blissful oneness awareness,  the great awakening, a song that speaks of the power of all humanity as one. Our Oneness and Reality beat with the same heart as our mother Earth, and how the spirit realm supports us because it is us. We are One. One Consciousness. We are a divine and powerful Creation and the Creators of this Universe. We are One is the message that Sylvia Love Johnson started expressing in 2013 with her enchanting and enigmatic song.  

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Original Song from the short film She Moon Love Spell, aka She Moon, Experimental.

The She Moon Song by Tim Bond and Sylvia L. Johnson is Original Music from the Short Film “She Moon, Love Spell” by Sylvia Love Johnson Singers: Rebecca Lacey, Athena LeFayMasha WarningIsabella Speight and Sylvia Love Johnson.

The She Moon Song aka True Love
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