“Creating a Role Death Comes Before Rebirth”



Supernatural Thriller. TV Series. Pilot Screenplay. Season One Episodes Treatment

Two craft-obsessed actors find themselves losing their sense of reality under the guidance of an enigmatic “Director” when their performance begins to bleed into supernatural territory.

Montana Mischief

Action & Adventure. Feature Film. Screenplay.

Amid the preparation of her 15th birthday while coping with the loss of her father to murder the Joan of Arc in a Futuristic post Apocalyptic Era, Janelle Montana, secretly assumes leadership to protect humankind against a diabolical mind-control plan, an infectious deadly disease caused by moonlight and against unseen legendary monstrous enemies residing on 3030 Planet Earth.


Action & Adventure – Sci-Fi TV Series Pilot. Treatment.

A Natural disaster caused by Climate Change hits the Pacific Northwest striking the coastal areas of California. This phenomenon splatters a plague of a mermaid looking invasive species. Meanwhile on the other side of the world a British 13-year-old schoolboy, Davide, has a plan to save humanity from the threat of global warming his plan involves a time travel invention. Davide realises that his plan has failed when he suddenly awakens in the Apocalyptic Earth of the year 2400 when our planet is barely the shadow of what it was.

Tears of Mariposa Lily

Thriller/ Drama. Feature Film. Screenplay.

Matthew, a Londoner, was 11 years old when he first saw Tara in a vision. He continues to see her in dreams and visions while growing up and he falls deeply in love with her. As an adult Mathew becomes obsessed with finding Tara yet he doesn’t know if the woman he loves is a fraction of his imagination, a ghost or a dangerous obsession that brings him face to face with death several times. Little does he know that Tara is a young Kenyan woman who is also spent a lifetime searching for him on the other side of the planet.

Inner Vision Eye Logo Disclaimer:

New Earth Media and Entertainment Ltd.

No Illuminati, no free masonry, no humanity enemies here.

I choose to use the eye because I do. An eye is human part of the body, I myself have two of them. It’s time we took back everything that’s ours. Including this.

However, let it be clear, Yeshua, Christ, also known as Jesus is my Lord and Saviour the Only True God who is engraved in my DNA. His blood on the Cross made me pure and cleansed me of my sins so that I can have Eternal Life which seems to be coming quicker than I thought and I’m very much looking forward to it I AM indeed.

Thank you God that I am a Christian therefore I’m saved. I stand with and for Humanity.

To the One and True God who gave his Son up for me to Him be the Glory for ever and ever Amen.

Sylvia Love Johnson 22/06/21