Inner Vision Pictures

Inner Vision is a Trading Name for New Earth Media and Enternainment Ltd. Film Production Company


Some creative works are pre-destined to show us our undeniable and intrinsic human superpowers. Amongst those superpowers, the greatest is our ability to dream and turn our dreams into reality.

Inner Vision creations aim to be your constant reminder of the power of the Human Soul. We want to inspire you with what inspires us: Fundamental and Universal Truth.

Entertainment that erupts from our Inner Vision seeks to transcend indoctrination, surpassing limiting beliefs and influences. Influences that for many aeons have shaped our society and our consciousness.

As Humanity Ascends, we, at Inner Vision, believe it’s time for all the mysteries and secrets that have been purposefully hidden from the people to be revealed.

You are in for a treat in the form of bliss that we find induced by the 7th Art.

Watch the Magic Unfold.

Our Objective

Our Objective is to connect with creatives, investors, and Film Industry professionals across the world from all walks of life who are aligned with our vision and have a passion for inspiring storytelling, universal truth and sheer devotion to the ascension of humanity.
So we can partner in being the motor of inspiration that brings light, bliss, knowledge and empowerment to 7th Art lovers in our Universe.

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