Movie Genre: Awakening

Awakening Genre: The Awakening movie genre transports us to a different reality, on a different frequency of existence from “normal”, so to speak to “paranormal” in the sense of the unknown, the hidden, and the still uncharted territory that is Real in the Universe. For the Awakening movie genre to be specified as “Awakening,” the portrayal of the switch of realities from one frequency of existence to a higher frequency of existence is achieved through the various ways, manners and methods humankind uses to awaken as part of the story structure and plot of the film. These methods include seeking Truth, acquiring knowledge, and becoming conscious of another order of Reality through healing, Love and Unity consciousness. 

The switch from one plane of existence to the next in the awakening movie genre is cinematically visible with specific cinematography techniques and a split storytelling strategy within the moving images.

Published by Sylvia Love Johnson

I believe that we all share the same dream: love and joy. Through love we conquer our dreams, passion leads on and faith keeps us grounded. We are here to fulfil a life of ever pleasing mastery. Your purpose, your mission and your desires are vital to us all. You expand the Universe with your thoughts. Use your human superpower; turn your dreams into reality. We all need the strength and the bliss of your dreams fulfilled. We are One.

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